RECHARGE NEWS | Germany’s latest wind and solar auctions once more went into completely different directions – with wind being undersubscribed and reaching top prices, while solar was oversubscribed with declining prices.

seagul / Pixabay

All 204MW in valid bids were successful in the latest wind auction – which was heavily undersubscribed as 675MW of volume was offered.

The lack of competition meant again that the average price for successful bids reached €62.00 per megawatt hour, which was also the ceiling price.

An ongoing permitting malaise, increasing bureaucratic hurdles and local protests have all contributed to the failure of recent German onshore wind tenders.

The government is trying to address the impediments with a series of measures recently announced, but at the same time plans to create additional hurdles through the introduction of a nation-wide minimum distance rule.

The situation was quite different in solar, where an auction for 150MW in capacity was heavily oversubscribed as bids with a volume of 648MW came in.

That drove prices down, with the average price for winning bids reaching €45.90/MWh, down from €54.70/MWh at a previous auction.

Competition in the solar auction was more intense as more areas were being made available on agricultural lands in Bavaria, Germany’s largest state by territory and one of its sunniest.



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