Energy storage has arrived.

This year brought numerous record-breaking battery projects, dozens of acquisitions and partnerships, and over a dozen utility integrated resource plans that factor in storage. Within a decade, the U.S. storage market could be 25 times bigger than it is today — swamping natural-gas peaker plants and enabling a vast array of new grid applications.

In this week’s episode, we open up our vault of data and describe the state of storage in America: which sectors are dominating, how utilities are thinking about the technology, where the economics stand, and what to look for in 2018.

Plus, we’ll have a conversation with Green Mountain Power CEO Mary Powell about how customer-sited battery storage fits into the utility’s broad culture and tech shift.

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 We’re also sponsored by Mission Solar Energy, asolarmodule manufacturer based in San Antonio, Texas. Find out more about Mission’s American-made, high-power modules.

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