From New England to the West, there’s a trend picking up in electricity markets: aggregation of distributed resources.

Utilities have long been remotely switching off air conditioners to manage demand. But a range of emerging resources — solar paired with batteries, smart thermostats, intelligent water heaters, electric car chargers — are creating new kinds of virtual power plants.

People have been talking about the virtual power plant concept for years. It’s finally happening in a meaningful way — but rolling out very differently in regional markets around the U.S.

In this episode of The Interchange, Shayle Kann talks with Adam James about the nuances of DER aggregation. They’ll highlight specific projects around the country and talk about how the business models work.

Shayle is our co-host and managing director at Energy Impact Partners. Adam is the chief of staff at Energy Impact Partners. Adam previously worked at SolarCity/Tesla, and he’s also a former analyst at GTM Research.



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