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Tesla deploys a 2 MW Powerpack system to avoid any downtime due to power outages at a glass factory

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With the help of an Irish energy company, Tesla is deploying a large Powerpack system at a glass container factory in Scotland in order to avoid any downtime due to power outages and take advantage of lower electricity rates when demand is not high on the grid.

The battery system was deployed earlier this month, according to a joint press release by Ardagh Group, the glass manufacturer, and ESB Smart Energy Services, the energy company behind the project.

It is a 2 MW Powerpack system, one of the largest systems that Tesla has recently delivered, at Ardagh’s Irvine facility in Scotland.

They describe the project as a two-part solution:

  • The solution is a combination of two parts: firstly, the Tesla battery is designed to efficiently store energy during periods of lower demand at the plant and to support demand during intermittent power failures. This means that Ardagh Group benefits from a secure, resilient and reliable supply of green energy, helping to support its sustainability agenda.
  • The second part of the solution is a grid-optimising platform delivered by ESB’s partner, GridBeyond, enabling Ardagh Group to participate in the National Grid’s Firm Frequency Response service. In practice, the battery reduces the plant’s reliance on the grid and when excess energy stored by the battery is not required, it can be delivered back to the National Grid.  This Battery Storage Project is a UK-first in the Manufacturing Industry.

Annelene Fisser, Group CSR & Sustainability Manager, Ardagh Group, commented on the deployment of the system: 

“We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing processes and had been exploring battery storage solutions to help us effectively meet these commitments. When ESB approached us with its battery storage offering, we felt confident that this would provide the efficient and cost effective solution we were looking for, which it has now successfully delivered.”

They claim that it is the first of such energy storage system being deployed at a manufacturing facility in Britain.

We recently reported on another Tesla Powerpack project being deployed in the UK, but it was a smaller project installed at a business park.

It looks like Tesla Energy has been accelerating the deployment of its Powerpack battery systems with new projects being announced every week in recent months. We have reported on a new Powerpack system that brought a business almost completely off-grid in FranceTesla Powerpacks have also powered up a new microgrid to stop outages in a town in the Philippines, and the company has several major projects underway in Australia.


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