GREEN TECH MEDIA | Every week, there’s a new declaration from a corporation, a city, a state or a utility that they are going “100 percent.” But what does that mean?

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What do all these 100 percent targets mean?

Hawaii and Maine want to get 100 percent of electricity from renewables by midcentury; California and New York want to get 100 percent from carbon-free sources by that time. In the utility sector, Xcel Energy is looking at 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050, while Green Mountain Power wants 100 percent renewable energy.Likewise, there are plenty of differences among cities and big corporations.

The language may sound similar, but these targets often vary wildly in terms of timing, ambition and complexity.So this week on The Interchange, we’re surveying the range of targets. Which ones matter, what do they add up to, and have they changed what’s politically and technically possible?

By Stephen Lacey | Stephen Lacey is a contributing editor with Greentech Media. He is also the founder and executive producer of Post Script Media. Lacey produces and hosts The Energy Gang and Interchange podcasts, two of the most popular podcasts on energy and cleantech.


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