Today we launched our new Energy Storage Platform, the Reservoir, which is a series of modular storage solutions that will help our customers utilize grid assets more productively. The first of this series, which we announced today, is a 1.2MW, 4MWh modular building block focused predominantly on the time shifting of energy.

The electricity ecosystem is complex, and on the current grid, electricity needs to be generated and consumed simultaneously. Historically, the generation was controllable/dispatchable and the loads were variable…but now things are changing. Generation is becoming more intermittent/variable, with higher penetration of solar and wind making controlling the grid even more complex.

Energy storage allows for the electricity to be time shifted from when it is produced to when it is needed to be consumed (this is just one of many grid services energy storage can do).

The Reservoir does this in a way that is up to 5% more efficient, up to 15% longer lifecycle, and significantly reduced installation time.

Lot’s more detail in the GE Reservoir brochure here, let me know what you think about this exciting new space in energy.



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