Blockchain is coming to the energy industry in a big way.

We’re at the beginning of a fierce hype cycle, when new startups are emerging weekly to tout their initial coin offerings and tokenization platforms for energy trading. Utility executives are grappling with yet another distributed technology that proponents say will demolish the traditional power delivery business.

Still having a hard time understanding why all this matters? Getting lost in the maze of new terminology? We’ve got you covered.

On this week’s Interchange podcast, we’re starting a new segment called Consensus.

We’ll bring a blockchain-related topic that we don’t understand — a term, a business model, or an application — and present it to GTM’s resident blockchain enthusiast, Scott Clavenna, to see if he can help us out. Hopefully we’ll reach consensus.

In this week’s segment, we’re bringing two questions to Scott: How does WePower’s tokenized energy trading work? And what are the different variations of cryptocurrency mining?

If you need a blockchain 101 course, try listening to our earlier Interchange episodeon the subject.

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