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Greenlots Is a Key Partner to Automakers and Utilities in Electrified Future

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Two major announcements in the last two weeks highlight automakers and utilities leading the way to an electrified transportation future. Automakers, who have committed to invest over $90 billion in electric vehicles, and utilities, who will provide the power for those vehicles, are best positioned to accelerate the transition to electrified transportation. They are increasingly choosing Greenlots as a key partner to provide technology solutions and deploy thousands of new EV chargers across the country.

Electrify America recently announced that it had chosen Greenlots as the sole software provider to operate the charging network for its coast-to-coast deployment of over 2,000 high-power “Fueling Stations of the Future” along highway corridors at more than 250 sites nationwide as a part of its historic $2B investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This project marks our second major partnership announcement with Electrify America. In December, Greenlots was one of three providers selected to roll out hundreds of charging stations at workplaces, apartment buildings and condos in 17 metropolitan areas nation-wide. Whether you’re driving across the country, or just making a quick trip in town, you will easily be able to find a fast and easy-to-use charger along the way.

The last few weeks also saw a significant announcement from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) with the launch of its EV Charge Network program, and the selection of Greenlots to provide EV charging software and turnkey solutions to PG&E’s customers. Partnering with Greenlots and others, PG&E will install 7,500 EV chargers at condominiums, apartment buildings and workplaces over the next 3 years. PG&E joins a list of other innovative utilities that Greenlots is proud to call our clients, such as: Avista, Southern Company, Southern California Edison, Portland General Electric, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, San Diego Gas & Electric, BC Hydro and Hawaiian Electric Companies.

Both initiatives reflect the rapidly growing global demand for comprehensive technology solutions that enable utilities, automotive manufacturers and municipalities to integrate EV charging stations as distributed energy resources while offering the lowest total cost of operation. Greenlots’ next-generation software meets the needs of the market, and I am proud of our team’s hard work in building and executing on our winning software solutions.

Technology developments in autonomy, connectivity and mobility are transforming the automotive sector and revolutionizing the ways we get around. At the same time, trends towards digitalization, democratization, and decentralization are revolutionizing the energy sector. The convergence of all these trends means that an electrified transportation future is no longer an object on the horizon. It is here, and Greenlots is perfectly positioned to serve as an industry partner and leader.

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