Fiat Chrysler will phase out diesel engines in its passenger cars sold in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) market by 2021, according to company executives presenting at FCA Capital Markets day in Balocco, Italy. The company, however, will still offer diesel in its light commercial vehicles across its brands.

Company executives also laid out broad as well as brand-specific electrification plans—running the gamut from 48V mild-hybrids (mHEVs) and high voltage hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery-electric vehicles—as well as alternative fuels.

                                                  Source: Green Car Congress

Mark Chernoby, FCA Chief Compliance Officer, mapped the the four electrified systems against vehcile segments, with some additional specificity on the design on the propulsion system: i.e., P1 through P4. Click to enlarge.

Projected adoption of the different technologies varies by sales region, said Mark Chernoby, FCA Chief Compliance Officer. In 2022, the company expects that technology adoption will be :

  • EU28: 40% non-electrified, 40% mHEV (essentially the diesel replacement); and 20% high-voltage electrification.
  • China: 65% non-electrified, 20% mHEV, 15% high-voltage electrification
  • US: 65% non-electrified, 15% mHEV, 20% high-voltage electrification.
  • Brazil: 99% non-electrified and ethanol, <1% high-voltage electrification

More than 30 Group nameplates will utilize one or more of the electrification systems by 2022:

                                                   Source:Green Car Congress

Brand highlights presented at the meeting included (Chrysler and Fiat brands were omitted):

  • Alfa Romeo expects to launch 6 plug-in hybrids by 2022 in the C, D, E and specialty segments, with L2 & L3 autonomy. The PHEV platform will be next-generation technology, with an all-electric range of more than 50 km (31 miles), and the ability to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in the mid 4-seconds range.
  • Jeep will offer electrification options across each nameplate by 2021, and offer 10 PHEVs and 4 BEVs by 2022. L3 autonomy will be available by 2021. The brand will also enter three new segments, at the top and bottom of the spread.More specifically, the EMEA region will see the end of diesel, and will gain 8 PHEVs and 5 mHEVS. China will have 4 PHEVs and 4 BEVs. North America will see 8 PHEVs.
  • Maserati will see the introduction of a luxury electric coupé (PHEV/e-AWD) that will hit 0-100 km/h in ~ 2 seconds, reflecting a focus on performance-oriented PHEVs.Full BEV Maseratis—targeting Tesla—will use an 800V system coupled with 3-motor AWD with torque vectoring. In total, the brand is looking at 8 PHEVs and 4 BEVs,with L3 autonomy.



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