Be Power and ABB will cooperate in the Market for Dispatching Services (MSD) with a new business model, maximising the synergies between energy markets and mobility.

This model aims to integrate the opportunities arising from the opening of the MSD to widespread facilities of power generation (demand/response) with a proprietary infrastructure of charging stations and e-vehicle fleets.

The partnership with ABB will allow Be Power to join the Terna pilot project that has opened the MSD participation, as well as distributed generation, including the generating units powered by renewable sources and storage systems.

By setting up the pilot project (AEEG SI Resolution 300/2017), the national grid operator intends to optimise the provision of dispatching resources, encouraging a wider participation in this market as in many European Countries.

Consumption and production units of any size and technology, including non-significant generating plants with capacity lower than 10MVA, can offer dispatching services through an ‘aggregator’ by establishing production, consumption and mixed units (UVAP, UVAC and UVAM).

Be Power will enter the Market for Dispatching Services as ‘aggregator’ through its subsidiary 4energia, the energy trader specialised in purchase of electricity from independent producers and managing over 700MW of the total capacity in previous years.

ABB will provide services of advanced analysis, aggregation and data management through its advanced services ABB Ability Collaborative Operations.

ABB will further be responsible for creating, qualifying and managing the Aggregated Virtual Units (UVA) assigned to the MSD for production and/or consumption.

The relevant measurement devices in each plant (UPMx) and a central unit (UVAx) will gather the data towards the Terna grid. All the data will be processed by the ABB Ability Collaborative Operations Center in Genoa.

“We are proud to take part in the pilot project of Terna entering the Market for Dispatching Services together with ABB, a company specialised in the development of this technology,” said Paolo Martini, managing director of Be Power.

“Thanks to this partnership as ‘aggregator’, we will benefit from the consolidated experience in trading of our subsidiary 4energia, to offer the energy producers and consumers an additional value through the optimisation of their assets. The companies that will join our grid will be able to obtain additional margins by entering more profitable markets”.

According to Danilo Moresco, head of the power generation and water unit in Southern Europe: “This pilot project fully understands the essence of the ABB Ability Collaborative Operations, a true evolution in data analysis and aggregation.”

“This new approach is able to gather in a unique circular flow of plant data, as well as both the Be Power and the ABB control centers, in an ongoing exchange of accurate and timely pieces of information, to optimise the performance of the monitored assets”.



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