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Energy Storage for the Age of Renewables: Prof. Dr. Eduard R. Heindl at TEDxStuttgart

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The next few decades will herald a global change in energy production. The age of renewables requires more than just photovoltaics and windmills: it needs storage systems in an unprecedented volume. However, conventional techniques of storage fail due to the high investments or the low efficiency.

This appears to be a stumbling block for the desired change to renewable energy. His proposed hydraulic hydro storage system gives us a chance to store thousands of GWh at low cost and low environmental impact. The simple yet riveting idea is to lift a rock the size of a soccer stadium using established technologies thereby storing energy. Due to the fact that underground rocks are practically unlimited, the global change to solar power can continue. Please find the slides at http://de.slideshare.net/EduardHeindl… and an alternative version of the video (slides + audio only) at http://youtu.be/m3p_daUDvI8 In the spirit of ideas worth spreading,

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