Electrify America, the EVSE network founded by VW as part of its penance for the Dirty Diesel Debacle, has unveiled a map of its planned national network of charging stations.

The new company has already named its charging station suppliers, and announced partnerships with Walmart and Target to deploy some of the stations. The new map offers a preliminary look at the planned “nationwide 150 kW+ fast charging network” (although the exact locations of many of the sites have not been finalized).

The network, part of Electrify America’s Cycle One infrastructure plan, will consist of over 2,000 chargers at 484 sites in 17 metro areas and on highways in 39 states. It will use the Greenlotsplatform, and each location will have 50 kW CHAdeMO connectors and CCS1 connectors offering up to 350 kW.

The goal is for all the sites to be “operational or under construction” by the end of 2019.


Source: Electrify America via Electrek



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