A notification released yesterday by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) says that there will be no more plans for ground-mounted PV projects in 2018. And without further quota, any new ground-mounted PV project which need subsidy arrangement is strictly forbidden.

For distributed PV, there will be a total quota of 10 GW for entire year 2018. Any project finished and connected to the grid by May 31st will be recognized as within this quota, and either will be supported by central or local government.

The notification also said that poverty alleviation PV projects must strictly follow auditing and approval regulations. A second set of poverty alleviation project plans is to be released soon. However, there is no word whether or not this will also be quota managed.

About the China’s PV Top-Runner projects, the notification said the government will take it into consideration later, based on PV installation’s control.

The notification encouraged local government to continue to support the PV industry which needs no subsidy. It is widely believed that residential roof-top PV is still being encouraged by central government.

Additionally, electricity price and subsidy to PV projects dropped equally, by CNY o.05, only no change to county-level poverty alleviation projects, from June 1. The notification was released on May 31st and takes effect the same day. There will be no more June 30th, but a new May 31st.



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