Brazil’s state-owned energy research firm EPE unveiled on Tuesday that 29,411 MW of renewable energy projects have been registered for the next auction that will be held on August 31, 2018.

In addition to renewable sources, the tender will contract power from thermal plants that use natural gas and coal. Overall, 1,080 energy projects totalling 57,959 MW will compete for contracts.

More details by capacity are available in the table.

Projects Qualified to the August 31 New Energy Auction

Wind Power Plant 926 27,058 MW
Hydro Power Plant 7 333 MW
Small Hydro Power Plant 63 919 MW
Cogeneration 21 61 MW
Biomass 25 1,040 MW
Coal-fired Thermal Plant 2 940 MW
LNG Thermal Plant 36 27,608


In Brazil, hydropower plants (HPP) are divided into three groups depending on their capacity. UHE, with capacity exceeding 30 MW, PCH, between 1 MW and 30 MW, and CGH of up to 1 MW.

This energy tender will award 20-year supply contracts for wind power, 30-year deals for hydropower, and 25-year contracts for other sources. The power plants should commence operations on January 1, 2024, EPE noted.



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