Over the next year, Mini will bring its first all-electric vehicle to production in England.

BMW says that it is now investing millions in battery pack production in Germany in order to support the new Mini electric production.

After several Mini electric concepts over the years, BMW finally confirmed production of an electric Mini to start in 2019.

It will be the last electric vehicle from BMW before their 5th generation electric vehicle powertrain.

While the vehicle will be produced in England and China, BMW’s manufacturing capacity in Germany will support the production with battery packs.

BMW announced this week a “mid-double-digit-million-euro” investment in battery production at its Dingolfing factory:

“Covering an area of around 6,000 square metres in the west wing of the Dingolfing component plant 02.20, equipment for manufacturing battery modules will be set up, along with a battery assembly line. The first systems are currently being installed and will be tested sequentially.”

Along with the battery packs in Dingolfing, BMW will make the electric motors for the Mini electric in Landshut.

They called it having “English apparel and a Bavarian heart”.

Roland Maurer, head of Planning and Production E-Powertrain at the BMW Group, commented:

“With the launch of new models and growing demand for electrified vehicles, we will be stepping up production of electric components significantly over the next few months and years,”

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled the first production design features of the upcoming electric Mini, but we have yet to see the full version of the production vehicle.

The timing of the vehicle is strange since BMW is also preparing to launch a new generation of electric powertrain technology.

In June, we went to Munich to take a closer look at BMW’s 5th gen electric powertrain technology coming first in the iX3.



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