Apple is speaking out against the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to repeal efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Reuters reports. In a new filing, Apple cites “increased investment uncertainty” for the company and its supplier partners if the Clean Power Plan is reversed.

“Repealing the Clean Power Plan will subject consumers like Apple and our large manufacturing partners to increased investment uncertainty,” the California-based company said in a filing to the agency.

Apple, which says it runs its U.S. operations fully on renewable energy such as wind and solar power, added that repeal of the plan would also threaten development and investments that have already been made in renewable power.

The Clean Power Plan was originally proposed by the previous EPA under President Obama back in 2014. President Trump signed an executive order to review the plan, however, and later decided the Clean Power Plan would not be implemented.

Apple further cites competition with China that would be jeopardized if the plan to curb carbon emissions is repealed. Before filing today’s company statement, Apple shared publicly last summer that it was committed to the goals of the Clean Power Plan regardless of whether the current administration would enforce it.

“We believe that strong clean energy and climate policies, like the Clean Power Plan, can make renewable energy supplies more robust and address the serious threat of climate change while also supporting American competitiveness, innovation, and job growth,” the companies said in a joint statement after Trump’s order was signed.

Apple was among several major technology companies who originally backed the environmental effort back in 2016 after the EPA under the previous administration received pushback on the plan. The Clean Power Plan has never been enacted, however, due to legal challenges against it.

Reuters notes that the current EPA has responded to Apple’s filing by saying it “will be considering the comments” as it crafts future policy.



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