In what is quickly becoming a problem for some Tesla drivers, pickup truck drivers have again taken over a Supercharger station and yelled profanities in what appears to be an act of protest against Tesla.

Earlier this month, we reported on a strange situation at Tesla’s Hickory Supercharger in North Carolina where 3 large pickup trucks blocked access to the station and reportedly chanted “F*** Tesla”.

As we reported at the time, it’s not exactly uncommon for vehicles to block access to charging stations.

It is referred to in EV community as ‘Icing’ a charging station – when ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles are occupying a space for an EV.

Most often than not, it’s a mistake from the driver or someone who simply doesn’t care, but the situation appeared to be different in Hickory with the pickup drivers acting aggressively and in protest of Tesla.

Now it looks like it’s becoming a trend since another Reddit user spotted pickup truck drivers taking over another Tesla Supercharger (picture via u/BarcodeOfficial):

They reportedly were also yelling profanities to Tesla owners coming to charge at the Supercharger station.

The pickup trucks were blocking the charging stations in a popular time for long-distance travels, which is, of course, a busy time for charging stations.



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