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A closer look at Porsche’s all-electric Mission E next to Tesla Model S in augmented reality

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Much like BMW with the new i3 a few months ago, Porsche has released a new augmented reality mobile app to take a closer look at its upcoming first all-electric vehicle: the Mission E.

The app called ‘Porsche Mission E Augmented Reality’ is now available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Kjell Gruner, Vice President Marketing at Porsche AG, commented on the new app:

“We are offering our fans a virtual taste of the Porsche brand’s first purely electric sports car. The augmented reality technology offers us ways to depict complex technical aspects of the new vehicle technology vividly and emotively. It is important to us that our customers can immerse themselves in tomorrow’s technology and convey enthusiasm at an early stage – any time, any place.”

They are using the new AR kits recently released by Google and Apple combined with some black magic to bring the vehicle to life in your own driveway. I tested it out by summoning the Mission E next to my Tesla Model S in my parking lot.

Electrek’s Take

The projection is supposedly at 1:1 scale and therefore, it gives us a good look at the size compared to the Model S, which is likely going to be its top competitor when it comes out next year.

It has about the same wheelbase with a significantly shorter front end and definitely lower.

The app also gives us our first good look at the vehicle in several other colors than the white prototype that the automaker has been demoing.

I find that the black and dark grey ones are especially stunning even though I think the overall render is not as good as the one for the BMW i.

But unlike the BMW app, Porsche also added a bunch of cool features that showcase the vehicle’s powertrain and aerodynamic features of the Mission E.

You can also open the doors and enter the vehicle to explore the interior – thought the interior of the concept is expected to be significantly updated when the vehicle goes into production.

For example, it still only features 4 seats, while the production version is expected to have 5 seats:

It’s also unclear if those suicide doors will make it to production.

Either way, it’s a fun way to explore the vehicle, which is expected to launch Porsche’s important electric vehicle effort. Which in turn, will launch the new 800-volt charging infrastructure. Unless another automaker is quietly working on the same thing and plans to beat Porsche to market.


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